Working Capital
Working capital finance frees up cash to grow your business and take advantage of new opportunities. Let us help you find the right option for you.
From £1,000 to £5 million or more
From 3 months to 5 years
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Benefits of Working Capital
A working capital loan can give your business the flexibility it needs, freeing up cash to grow your business, take advantage of new opportunities and invest in new products or services. It can also help you meet short term funding gaps, for example, bridging the gap between customer orders and supplier payments.

There are a variety of products available, and getting the right advice is essential. Secured loans will require assets as security, whereas for an unsecured loan your credit rating and ability to provide a personal guarantee will be more important.
Cost of finance explained
The FSB Funding Platform is a one-stop-shop for all your business finances. As a key benefit for FSB members, we work hard to lower the cost of business funding. We do this in the following ways:
No fees for FSB members to use our platform
On success, funders pay us a much lower success fee compared to the industry average.
Every FSB member that raises finance on our platform gets back a percentage of our fee


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