Is your working capital squeezed?

When working capital is running thin in your business, you usually know it straight away. Being the lifeblood of your business, it is the capital that allows your business to meet its daily financial commitments.

But how do you pay wages, buy stock and fund other day to day expenses when your working capital is being squeezed?

A working capital loan from our extensive panel of approved lenders can give you the flexibility you need to continue to run and grow your business.

While a shortage of cash in a business can be a warning sign for a company’s overall ‘health’, there are also a several scenarios where working capital could come under pressure for good reasons.

You may want to consider a working capital boost for a number of different scenarios:

meet your short-term funding requirements such as supplier payments, salaries and maintain day to day operations if you have to offer extended payment terms to your own customers.

bridge a gap between funding the stock you need and getting the cash in from seasonal sales

help you fulfil your ambitious expansion plans

It’s also important to understand the advantage and disadvantages of a working capital loan before proceeding:


Give you the cash you need to grow or expand your business

Enable you to meet your short-term funding requirements

Bridge the gap between customer orders and supplier payments

A relatively easy way to arrange short-term finance

It helps business to focus on growth activities

The finance is typically secured against the goods or backed by an insurance policy

Manage seasonal cash flow fluctuations


It is usually based on having a good track record in terms of operations and repayments, and therefore less accessible for new companies

It can become very expensive, if payments are not made on time

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