FSB Funding Platform User Guides
When it comes to business funding, we put more choice & unbiased advice at your fingertips. To help you navigate the market and to give you a greater chance of securing the funding your business needs, please feel free to download our free User Guides using the links below. Each Guide focuses on a different aspect of the funding process:

1. Introductory Guide to learn more about FSB Funding Platform and how we help FSB members.

2. When you are ready to get started, check out: 5 steps to apply for business funding

3. Once you’ve applied, read: How to negotiate the best deal for your business funding needs
Find Business Finance with FSB Funding Platform
If you need business funding FSB Funding Platform provides you access hundreds of options to fund your business with one simple application
Where to get impartial business funding advice
Regulation limits banks to only give advice on their own products. Understand how to get unbiased advice.
9 ways to fund your business

The rise of alternative business funding providers has transformed the market, substantially increasing choice for business borrowers.

In this guide, we give FSB members an up-to-date picture of the business funding landscape, the types of loans and the standard criteria applied by lenders. So you can put your best foot forward when you apply for funding.

How does the FSB Funding Platform work
Understand the process from initial application to securing the right business finance for your needs.
Cost of Business
Finance Explained
Get an understanding of the various costs associated with securing business finance from arrangement fees to interest and repayments.
Exclusive for FSB members:
the most rewarding way to fund your business

Find the right solution to your funding needs. It really pays to be an FSB member!