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Growing your business in uncertain times

Nobody said growing a business was going to be easy, especially against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a fluctuating marketplace. But you may find that the current volatility in the market is opening up opportunities for growth. In our experience of dealing with businesses all over the UK, keeping it simple and having a sound plan are key ingredients

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Reactive or proactive – how should you manage your working capital?

To truly take the pulse of your business, it’s essential you understand your working capital requirements. It’s a fundamental building block for the financial health and operational success of your business. What is your current method for managing the cash coming in or going out of your business? Are you falcon-like, with a keen proactive eye for detail? Or do

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Why Open Banking is good for business finance

In the retail banking world, Open Banking is transforming the way customers communicate financial information to third parties by securely sharing their account data. Now it’s bringing the same step change to the way businesses apply for funding. What is Open Banking?  Open Banking is a secure standard that allows you to share your financial information with regulated providers. Most

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Introducing new benefits for FSB Members seeking business finance

When first launching FSB Funding Platform back in 2018, the aim was to help businesses thrive through better access to finance. And with on average 6.4 funding providers per request 1 connected, the intelligent matching technology is certainly delivering choice to members. But business finance is not just about going online and comparing quotes. It is also about business confidence:

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How to know if your business needs investment

Running your own business isn’t easy, and many business owners get caught in the trap of working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ the business. It may feel natural to put hours of work into your business, but getting caught in the endless day-to-day can prevent the chance for growth. It’s important to recognise when you’ve become overloaded. So how

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How to compare the real cost of business finance products

Business finance covers a lot. With more products entering the market every day, it can be hard to find the one that suits you. And with such variety in how the offers are structured – it can be even harder to tell how much it really costs. It’s no longer enough to look at the headline rate. That never tells the full story when it comes to fees. You need to dig deeper to make sure you’re not blindsided by additional charges or conditions.

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Supporting Your Business Needs

Federation of Small BusinessesThe first thing most business owners associate with growth is to increase sales. But this may not be your only option. Improving profitability is another great way to grow.

At Finpoint, we understand that with the right support by your side, your business can go further. That’s why we work in partnership with reputable organisations that offer help and advice in the areas of:

  • R&D tax credits for companies that innovate
  • Crowdfunding to finance your next phase of growth
  • Investment readiness and equity funding

Check out our Business Growth pages to find out how we can help your business succeed

The old proverb has a new twist:
‘Cash is King and Accounting Data is the Queen’!

As experts in business finance, Finpoint helps businesses routinely with cashflow funding. Because of that, we know how important it is to have up-to-date data about your cash.

If cash is tight at times, why not manage your cashflow using accounting software?

On our Cashflow pages we compiled a list of accounting software providers that can help you to better track your cash position.

Whether you are looking to buy equipment, remortgage business premises or are in the business of developing property, we can help.

Finpoint understands that deciding on an asset purchase can be time-consuming. That’s why we made it easy to find the funding, so you have less hassle to deal with.

Through our panel of finance providers, we can assist businesses with funding for:

  • equipment purchases
  • investment in new machinery
  • purchase of business premises
  • refurbishment or development of property
  • specialist property finance

Find out how we can help your business get the best deal by visiting our Property & Equipment pages.