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Understand some of the different types of external funding and support you can access as you grow your business.

R&D Tax Credits

Investing in research and development? Discover if you qualify for a tax refund.

Equity Crowdfunding

Considering external investment? We can help you find the right investors.

Business Loans

Get the clarity you need to select the best finance choice for your business.

The first thing most business owners associate with growth is to increase sales to new customers. But this may not be your only option. Have you considered:

R&D Tax Credits

You’d be forgiven to think that there is no such thing as a free lunch. That is, unless the government has its fingers in the pie!

The R&D tax relief programme scheme was introduced in the early 2000s to support innovative businesses by providing them with a tax relief of up to 33%. The UK government approves on average of around £2.5bn tax refunds per year with the average amount claimed by SME’s being £57k.

The program is a recognition by Government that R&D expenditures can be high and that it can take years for a product to be market ready. With around 20,000 claims made every year the UK has one of the most successful R&D tax relief programmes in the world yet very few business owners are aware of the scheme.

Business lOans

A business loan is a very flexible way to fund a range of projects. With our platform, we can help you find and compare the leading lenders easily.

Equity Crowdfunding

To support the ambitions of high growth businesses that have a loyal client base, Finpoint has partnered exclusively with Seedrs. Seedrs is the most active funder in UK private companies, connecting high-growth businesses efficiently with private investors. We also have other options through the platform if you would like to explore different paths to Seedrs.

Whether you are looking to expand or want to fund a new product, this partnership gives you access to growth capital from private and institutional investors. 

In order to qualify for this type of funding, your business needs to be comfortable to share your funding information publicly, be able to demonstrate early revenue and profitability, and have a plan that outlines how the investment will be utilised.

Borrow from £1,000 to £5 million or more

Terms from 1 months to 5 years