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The FSB Funding Platform is a one-stop-shop for all your business finances. As a key benefit for FSB members, we work hard to keep the cost of finance as low as possible, this means that with us:
You don’t pay a fee to compare finance
You get cash back with every finance package
We use our status in the market to get you the best deal we can
We help you find the right finance to suit you and your business
Types of Business Finance
Often used to buy or lease essential equipment needed to run and grow a business. As alternative business funding solution to a bank loan, it is a popular choice to finance anything from computers, office equipment, machinery to motor vehicles. The funding is secured against the asset and many agreements have fixed repayment terms.
There are a wide variety of loan products available for businesses from challenger banks, alternative finance providers and high street banks. Loans can be obtained on a secured basis against business assets, or on an unsecured basis, where your credit score and ability to offer a personal guarantee will be more important.
A commercial mortgage and can be used for several purposes including, buying business premises, extending existing premises, and making residential or commercial investments. Typical repayment periods extend from 10 years up to a maximum of 30 years. Mortgages with shorter repayment periods are usually referred to as bridge finance.
Limited companies can sell shares in their business to an investor. The investor in turn will take a share of any profits or losses that the company makes. This can be a good way to fund growth, where you don’t have to make loan repayments and also add new skills and expertise into the business.
Invoice finance is a way of borrowing money against unpaid invoices for a fee. You typically receive up to 85% of the value of an invoice immediately, which can help to ease cash flow worries. The funder will collect the money owed from your invoices, and pay you the balance, less any fees.
Pension funding is still a relatively unknown product and offers the ability to raise funds based upon the pensions accrued by one or more owners or directors of the business they control. Any money lend to the business is paid back with interest and will increase the size of the pension .
Property finance is geared towards supporting experienced property professionals in the areas of residential or commercial property, student accommodation and mixed use development projects. Finance options have increased in recent years by the entry of alternative funding models.
Trade finance is an important external source of working capital finance. It is a form of short-term credit typically used by companies that export or import goods. It is relatively easy to secure short term finance, if you have a string trading record, secured against good or backed by an insurance policy.
A working capital loan can give your business the flexibility it needs, freeing up cash to grow the business, take advantage of new opportunities and invest in new products or services. It can also help you meet short term funding gaps, for example if you have customers on long payment terms.


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