Are you thinking about buying business premises?

If you are seeking to fund the acquisition of business premises you have come to the right place.

FSB Funding Platform is a new service that can help your business source the right commercial property loan from our extensive panel of approved lenders.

One of the biggest investments you are likely to make is the purchase of premises for your business. It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own business premises before proceeding. Buying a property can give you more freedom and flexibility in your business, however you need to balance the costs and responsibilities of ownership against leasing premises.

Here is our handy checklist so you can see if buying business premises is for you:


Freedom to use and carry out improvements as you wish, subject to any planning regulations of course

More flexibility in the management and maintenance of the building

Opportunity to let the property in the future and generate an income

Greater control over costs, i.e. fixed mortgage repayments versus variable rental payments

Potential to generate a profit from the sale of the property at some point in the future

Use the property as part of your pension scheme


The upfront cost of finding a substantial deposit and covering other costs such as legal and survey fees

Potentially tying up capital which could be used for supporting the business in other ways

A downturn in the property market making it difficult to recoup your capital at short notice

If you don’t keep up repayments, the possibility of repossession which could affect your ability to trade

Responsibility for maintaining the building and complying with health and safety, fire and other regulations

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