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How property finance can help your business grow

From checking your agreements to adding up the costs, finance experts from FSB Funding Platform share the key things you need to know about property finance and buying a business premises. Whether you’re looking to buy premises for your business or invest in a buy-to-let property, choosing the right commercial property and finance is critical to the success of your business. Our specialists from FSB Funding Platform explain what to remember when

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Five ways to manage your cash flow

From forecasting to planning, FSB Funding Platform shares how you can keep on top of your cash flow management and grow your business. Cash flow problems can cripple a small business, and the thrill of sales can lead to poorly managed cash flow. Late payments and missed invoices are all too common for small businesses and cause major problems. Finance

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Trade Finance is going digital

After one year of COVID-19 induced restrictions and lockdowns, the use of digital tools in businesses has made a huge leap forward. This is true for small businesses, and for large corporates. And while the pandemic has had devastating effects otherwise, the one bit of good news is that this shift to digital will help the global flow of goods

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How to get your business into shape for 2021 and beyond

There are countless reasons why people start a business. And even if it’s been a while since you started your own, we are sure you’ll remember what gave you that initial spark. While COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on many routines in our daily lives, it has been a catalyst for many business owners to revisit their plans. Either to

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7 tips to manage your cash flow

In order to truly take the pulse of your business, it’s essential you understand your working capital movements. It’s a fundamental metric to measure the financial health and operational success of your business. But during the coronavirus pandemic, when the world changed from one day to the next, many business owners were faced with several cash flow challenges at once.

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How to use technology for the best business recovery

R&D tax credits are designed to reward innovation within UK companies. They provide businesses with funds in return for developing new products and services. The pandemic has created a greater need to innovate, with businesses having to rethink their business practices in order to adapt to the “new normal.” This creates an opportunity for FSB members to use technology to

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How to apply for a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan (CBILS)

Recently, FSB hosted a joint webinar with panelists from British Business Bank, UK Finance and FSB Funding Platform. In this blog, we wanted to extract the key points for FSB members on the financial aid that is available under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). We hope you find the following videos useful and informative as an introduction to

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Working capital to get through turbulent times – Last Update 03/06/2020

When we planned this blog, things were a bit different. We were going to focus on advances of technology that help SMEs manage their cashflow. But then COVID-19 gripped the UK and it felt wrong not to acknowledge what is now a global pandemic. AVAILABLE NOW: Check your COVID-19 funding options using FSB Funding Platform By now, we’ve spoken to

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Growing your business in uncertain times

Nobody said growing a business was going to be easy, especially against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a fluctuating marketplace. But you may find that the current volatility in the market is opening up opportunities for growth. In our experience of dealing with businesses all over the UK, keeping it simple and having a sound plan are key ingredients

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Reactive or proactive – how should you manage your working capital?

To truly take the pulse of your business, it’s essential you understand your working capital requirements. It’s a fundamental building block for the financial health and operational success of your business. What is your current method for managing the cash coming in or going out of your business? Are you falcon-like, with a keen proactive eye for detail? Or do

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