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How property finance can help your business grow

From checking your agreements to adding up the costs, finance experts from FSB Funding Platform share the key things you need to know about property finance and buying a business premises. Whether you’re looking to buy premises for your business or invest in a buy-to-let property, choosing the right commercial property and finance is critical to the success of your business. Our specialists from FSB Funding Platform explain what to remember when

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Growing your business in uncertain times

Nobody said growing a business was going to be easy, especially against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a fluctuating marketplace. But you may find that the current volatility in the market is opening up opportunities for growth. In our experience of dealing with businesses all over the UK, keeping it simple and having a sound plan are key ingredients

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Should you borrow to grow your business?

You’ve started your own business and you’re doing well. It’s a huge achievement – and a dream for many people.So how do you keep growing without damaging your hard work? How can you expand without taking on too much debt and leaving yourself exposed if everything doesn’t go to plan?

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How to manage cash flow

Cash flow problems can cripple a small business. 2018 BACS Payment Scheme research found that almost half of UK SMEs are being paid late, at an average delay of 72 days. That represents £26bn owed to businesses who need it to stay afloat.

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