Invest in Property or Equipment

Investing in your business can take many forms. You may consider buying premises for your business to move into, or your business may be in need of new equipment or machinery.

As trusted partner to business support organisations and growth hubs all around the UK, Finpoint and our expert support team is ready to help and answer any questions you have on how to finance your next investment.

Equipment & Machinery

Lease or rent to reduce your capital expenditure and improve cash flow.

Commercial Mortages

Get the support you need when buying business premises.

Property Funding

Get access to a range of property funding options for development and more.

Equipment & Machinery

Leasing or renting assets such as machinery or office equipment can save you the initial costs of buying them outright, get you access to the latest equipment and in addition, may have other benefits for your business (cash flow, tax, etc.)

Commercial Mortgages

Looking to buy premises for your business to move into or do you wish to benchmark your existing mortgage arrangements? Finpoint is free and gives you 100% clarity about fees and rates for different commercial mortgage options.

Property Funding

Are you an experienced property professional looking to purchase a property or raise finance against an existing property? We can help you find the right finance deal for a range of use case, including:

Borrow from £1,000 to £5 million or more

Terms from 1 months to 5 years