Asset Finance

Purchasing new machinery or replacing existing equipment? We can help you find the Asset Finance option that is right for you.
From £1,000 to £5 million or more
From 3 months to 5 years
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Benefits of Asset Finance

Using asset finance to take out a loan to buy or lease assets for your business is a flexible alternative to bank loans and allows you to obtain essential equipment to run and grow your business if you don’t have the capital readily available.

You can finance anything from computers and office equipment to motor vehicles. The loan is secured against new or existing assets, and many finance agreements come with fixed repayments making it easier to manage your budget.

Depending on the arrangement you may own the asset outright after a series of payments, or simply pay to lease the assets for a fixed monthly sum.

Cost of finance explained
The FSB Funding Platform is a one-stop-shop for all your business finances. As a key benefit for FSB members, we work hard to lower the cost of business funding. We do this in the following ways:
No fees for FSB members to use our platform
On success, funders pay us a much lower success fee compared to the industry average
Every FSB member that raises finance on our platform gets back a percentage of our fee


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